I’ve got some nerve, ay?

Yes I most certainly do. Today I was perusing home improvement blogs for inspiring thoughts, pics, and the ever present Before and Afters and I stopped over at HGTV. I saw the Rate My Space banner sprawling across the top of the page. So I clicked on it and saw a room that someone posted and asked it to you know, be rated.

 Here I go with my untrained yet highly opinionated eye taking this family room living space way out in Missouri (does anyone else say that state with a slight drawl to make it sound like Misery? Just me? Hmm….okay) to task. I was saying “You need more zip, zow, and pizzazz here, here, and here.”

 Like anyone asked me….Oh wait! Yeah they did. Thank you Rate My Space for giving me license to spout off on many things I may not know a lot about, but I feel just as strongly about it anyway… ;o)

 How about you guys? Do you like to Rate “Their” Space? I am seriously loving looking at peoples rooms and giving honest constructive criticism.

 I may have found my new addiction….uh oh….

 My Best,


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