Here’s What’s Up

Now if you are reading this blog the date will say May 17, 2012.  But the last 4 posts will say May 14th, 2012.  No you are not going loco but I did start this blog off all kinds of wonky and now I realize I should write a post clarifying what is going on here dateswise.

See I started writing this blog over on Blogger first and then I said about halfway through the house makeover process: “You know what Lynn?  This should be the year that you get real familiar with WordPress and stay in the know…”  Yep.  In the know, relevant, hip to the dip, all that stuff.

I started by transplanting a whole bunch of previous posts from Blogger over onto the new blog here and then about halfway I got a bit tired and may or may not have fallen asleep at the keypad and woke up with such a crick in the neck!

So what I decided is that instead of just dumping a whole bunch of posts on one given date (May 14, 2012 OR May 17, 2012) I will keep them over on Blogger for now and like a vintage baseball card take them out and polish them off and share them with the world one post at a time on here.  Maybe I’ll call them “Vintage Closet” or “Wavy Lined Flashback”.  Yeah one of those should work.

Now since I am going to get all current and up to speed on what we are working on right now at this moment in this very house here, things should be more like “Oh that happened in this time zone and not millenniums ago!” and not super confusing.  I hope.

So the last couple of days I have been working on these here thangs…

We have been living here for a little over a months time and in only 2 weeks time we will be hosting our first big shindig for our kids end of the school year/Preschool Graduation Party.  The guest list is hovering around 60 people.  How that happened I’ll never know. I can’t think about it though, otherwise my chest starts to tighten and shortness of breath and this vein that comes out when I’m stressed happens.  It’s just not pretty…

Anyway back to my above picture.  Hopefully by the end of today at least on of those logs will become a fully functioning cup holder/table.  My inspiration is from a picture I found on Martha Stewarts site…

Isn’t that sooooo purty?  I have a few ideas up in my cranium that I can’t wait to put out there.  It’s been raining all day yesterday so I lost some time, but today the sun is out in full force.  So off I go to start the sanding bit up again.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have an after picture to share with you.

My Best,


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