A Woodchuck Chuck

Okay so last I wrote the weather was on the rainy side so I had to close up shop for about 2 days like so…

And then after I waited for the clouds to beat it.  I uncovered the stumps and let them dry out  for another day.  The moisture got under the bags and there was a hole I didn’t see before in another one that ended up getting the wood wet a little.  But no worries, nothing will deter me these days.  Gotta get things done so I can move on up to the next project.

I moved on to scrubbing them down with 3 different grades (?) of sandpaper.  I started off with some 100 grit that thankfully I just found in our miscellaneous tool room in the tool box and sanded off the huge chunks of wood chippy-ness that had grown on it over the years.  After finishing that step I moved on down the line…150 then 200.  Here it is in a pictures.

100 Sandpaper

150 and 220 Sandpaper

Going from the smallest number to the largest (roughest grain surface to smoothest) remember to go with the grain of the wood.  Working on the top was the hardest for me because it goes in a swirl pattern.  But I managed, so don’t cry for me.

And you will too!  Look at this picture and just do like I did…other than getting some wood dust under the fingernails it’s virtually painless.  Until the next day, when you will feel the burn in your shoulders and upper arms. Aaaahhhhh good times…

Then after smoothing all sides down with all 3 grades and the top being smooth as glass pretty much, this is what you will end up with:

I love seeing this look of the wood grain coming out sooooo light.  Love it, love it, love it.  And I would have left it like this if I didn’t have to seal it to prevent all the outdoor pests from trying to bore into it and make it their new abode.  So make sure that you seal this bad boy up.  I used Minwax’s Wood Finish in the Cherry 235 stain color so that I wasn’t fully covering up this beautiful wood grain.

Minwax Cherry Stain 235
 At one point, we did consider going really dark and maybe even tint the outside blueish grayish.  But settling on this color really turned out well for us.
I rubbed it on with a cloth and then came up behind it and wiped off the excess soon after applying it.  Here it is mid progress…
Staining tree stump
You see how the grain is starting to pop already?  In my humble opinion, I think it’s got it going on.
Now I haven’t fully finished the whole biznass so I won’t put it all out there in this here post.  The next post will be about how I painted the tops, sealed them with some Poly, and gave them some character.
Until then, remember – a cut tree stump is never really dead…just sleeping.  Unless it goes through a wood chipper.  Then it’s deader n dead.
My Best,


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