They Call Me “Big Wicked”

Okay warning to all you squeamish at heart folk out there I feel your pain because I am also one of you. This following post contains pictures of something creepy crawly.

We moved into this house on April 1st and much to our surprise a few weeks later, we found the biggest, scariest, possibly hairiest (I wouldn’t really know about that last one because seriously who’s getting that close to find out??) spider ever to walk the land.

I happened to be catching up on some major laundry and it was well into the night. Okay not really, more like 10 o’clock.  But this spider was used to having the run of the land whenever so his clock wasn’t synched to ours yet I guess.  Anyway, enter me with my big pile of clothes that were about to get thrown into the laundry and, okay listen, I promise you that I have a seriously on-point Spidey sense that never is wrong.  Same with my own internal cop radar detector (I always know where you’re hiding Smokey!).  Nonetheless, I always can tell when there is a bug in the room or in our house even if it is hiding.  I have been know to set up a sting operation here and there to catch the predator.  And I’m always right and vindicated because Michael (my husband) eventually will have to be called into the given room and told “BRING A SHOE WOULD YA?!? THE BEASTS ARE UPON US!!!!” And he always says “How did you  know?” to which I say “It’s my Spidey sense Boo, gotta respect the Spidey…”

Anyway, back to the freak living in our laundry room that we gladly gave the title “Big Wicked” to.  He’s something out of Arachnophobia for sure.  Like one of the extras that got loose on the Paramount lot and made a cross country trip to the East Coast to just, you know, “find himself” and landed in my Southern Florida 1974 block home wall.  So wanna see him?  I warned you…blech…he’s so gross…

Hello there “Big Wicked”…

There he is looking at me with those beady little eyes…”Whatchyalookin’at?”

After doing the paparrazzo thing for a second he high tailed it at the second sight of my seriously blinding night setting flash bulb.  It was the first time I have ever used it on that setting and it was shockingly bright.  It even scared me a bit.

Anyway, he lives in that hole…and I bet he’s a real jerk.

All of you spider enthusiasts out there that are wringing your hands in excitement instead of wanting to run away screaming (like me) and make a cutout of yourself through the nearest wall please weigh in on if this spider is something I should be concerned about.  We live in the suburbs and all our “country” friends say “Oh y’all wanna keep him around.  He’ll get all the other bugs for ya…”  Riiiiiight…cause that’s what I want to do.

Should he stay or should he go?  He’s pretty fast too, which is why he’s still alive.  Otherwise I would have laid down that hammer weeks ago!  Best believe that!

This is something that freaks me out on the daily so…yeah, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “They Call Me “Big Wicked””

  1. At first glance I thought this was a Wolf spider, and wanted to warn you to not smack it with a shoe, spray it with Raid spider killer spray. The reason being, if it IS a Wolf spider, it carries thousands of baby spiders on its back, and when you smash it with a shoe you kill the big one, but all of the baby spiders scatter in all directions and then you will be doing some serious screaming! Spray all around the hole you saw him (or her) crawl into and it should kill all of them in a few days. Good luck!

    1. Yikes! Thanks Linda for the heads up. I will be going to the store today in fact and now I’m adding that Raid Spider spray to the list for sure!

      My best, Lynn

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