Let The Sun Shine!

We woke up to blue skies and a nice breeze this morning.  This was a welcome atmosphere considering we have endured rain, thunder and lightning every day since the kids were sprung for summer vacation from school.  How much can a mother take?  Not much, and that’s the truth!  So today they will be getting their outdoors on and hopefully leaving the interior chambers of our house untouched until dinner time.  

In the meantime, this is what’s going on outside in the lot next door…


This biggun’ is drying out after helping us throw a wild kids party last weekend.  It’s been kind of a tragedy that he is still here with us.  The party was Saturday and we have had him since the weekend before that because we took him for a test spin with some kids to see how he rolls – or rather how he hopefully doesn’t roll with kids putting him to full use.  He was chock full of holes though which our friend Jay had told us about.  “If there are holes just patch em up and it should hopefully still inflate.  I’ve used it about 13 or 14 times and have gotten my moneys worth out of it.  Hope it still works for you guys.”  And it did!  Hooray!  Even though the kids played on it for all of 20 minutes and then just jumped in the pool for the rest of the party.  

I wish I had taken more pics of the party but seriously between running around so much and wiping up the wood laminate floor after pool kids drudged through the house, I have pretty much only about 4 pictures to commemorate that day.  Sorry folks.  

Anyway, back to the bouncy slide.  His instructions were to leave it up to dry for a few days after the party so it gets all nice and dry and he can just tuck it away in his storage spot.  So us being the good little instruction followers that we are, we did just so.  Two days of it sitting out in the sun and it was good to go.  Dry as a bone.  So we were getting ready to start packing everything up from everyone we borrowed stuff from (chairs, tables) and as we are getting everything lined up what is that we hear?


I wanted to cry…I actually might have because I have been pretty emotional during this time of the year. Kids moving up a grade and all that jazz.  And then remember how I said that they haven’t been outside since school let out on Wednesday?  Well the bouncehouse has been sitting outside in the rain since it was too heavy to lug inside and far too big to be set up inside to dry out too.  

So Saturday is for drying out apparently.  How is yours going?  


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