So this is what our front entryway and our back door into the lanai look like presently…


That’s cinnamon…

Why?  Well because my chalk method which turned into my basil leaves method which then turned into my vinegar method ALL FAILED.

Miserably too.  The chalk method I thought was solid and had it in the bag and after a few ants were like “Whoa…what is this powdery substance?  Me scared.  Me run away now.” the word must have gotten out to send in the A-Team.  You know, the ants that are on the ‘roids?  Because those bad boys just muscled their way right on through that chalk like they could care less about me and all my googled methods.  

So I switched over to the basil and one queen ant actually sat on it and apparently fell asleep! So I nixed that method.  Onto the vinegar!  Now other than probably sanitizing the chalk to make it even more approachable for the ants that pretty much did nothing.  In fact, when we woke up this morning there were more ants than ever in the house.  Just chilling on the floor playing poker, shooting dice, playing spoons.  So to say there was a stomping massacre is an understatement.  Yes it was in slow motion set to this music…

Ride of the Valkyries

I am almost at my wits end.  I HATE BUGS!!! I don’t know if I have told you that – but I do.  With a strong inward passion.  I hate em.  All kinds of them. Moths the most because they remind me of miniature bats.  So have I been a flinchy mess before bed every night this week?  Yes I have. 

I finally called my brother today and he said to try cinnamon because it burns their little legs and they scurry off and tell the tale of the “Fire Door” hopefully to all their little friends and girlfriends a.k.a. the queens.  This had better work.  Or I’m giving the keys back to the realtor. Haha!

But seriously, what does a girl do???? Any tips on how to get rid of these carpenter ants without having to use really toxic bug spray?  Is there any natural ways to kill carpenter ants?


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