So Much To Do…

So little time, am I right?  Of course because it’s a saying for a reason. Ha!  Today I was sitting back and enjoying some peaceful time alone while the kids napped and then the all encompassing starting to make me hyperventilate if I think about it too long list of things we need to accomplish before September hit me.  

September is a deadline we MUST meet because that is when we are hosting our FIRST house guest – my mother-in-law.  We haven’t seen her in about 2 years and I blame it on the economy.  We moved here to be close to my parents because they are getting up in years and then the price of tickets for air travel went up and we look like rejects with no friends because no one can hardly afford to come visit us.  Haha!  We tell our friends here “We swear we are not running from the law and we do have friends and family all over the place but they just haven’t visited since The Great Recession started.”  


Just about 3 months away. That is not alot of time to accomplish aaaaaaaall this…

Things to do before September:

  • Finish the flooring in the office.
  • Figure out the configuration of the laundry/mud room
  • Finish repainting living room missed spots
  • Hang all pictures
  • Set up office to host Michaels mama
  • Fix the side bathroom
  • Redo the floor
  • Paint over the tub
  • Replace the shower heads – plural (hallway and ours)
  • Clean out all sawdust in grandmas room (don’t worry she doesn’t live with us yet so it’s serving as our tool room for now)
  • Return everyones tools (this should be fun figuring out what goes to who – which reminds me – start labeling all our tools somehow!)
So I am thoroughly concerned and determined all in one fell swoop.  Taking this list one day at a time and adding to it and crossing things off satisfyingly will be the hamster wheel that we are now on after we got the keys to this here abode.  I love this house, so I’m not really complaining because these are nice problems to have in the world considering.
For tonight hopefully we can finish painting the living room once and for all and can start on the final baseboards caulking.
I have a thyroid seminar to attend first, but after that these walls won’t know what hit em.  Mostly because they have no brain function. What are you guys up to?  Any painting or caulking going on?   

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