Judgment Hour Approacheth


So tomorrow the insurance adjuster arrives to assess the flood damage done by Tropical Storm Debby and let us know whether or not it is check/cash/money/moolah/payout worthy.  Hopefully the man will be like “You are right and we owe you money as a valued customer and so here’s a large floppy take your picture next to it check for 100,000 dollars!” and confetti falls from the sky.  

Reality: “Sorry to tell ya ma’am but this here aint covered by your policy but here’s a 20 spot for yer troubles.  Oh and I clogged your toilet.  Have a nice day.”



Should I be really concerned that my insurance company won’t pay up?  What is the norm?  Laughter and pointing or just doing the right thing for the homeowner and paying out?


2 thoughts on “Judgment Hour Approacheth”

  1. They should be fair… but it does depend on what your policy covers. I work in insurance – but way out in Oregon, where we don’t have tropical storms. Here, though, wind damage is covered, and so damage resulting from wind is covered. Hope it all worked out for you!

    1. It really did, thanks Lori! They ended up cutting us a little (but at least something) check for the damage so now we have a little fund going and hopefully we can fix it soon. I’ll keep ya posted!

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