Here’s The Happs…

Sorry I’ve been gone for a spell.  Life.  It moveth so rapidly. Here’s a few things that have been going on since we last spoke…

I have slowly – and when I say slowly I mean slooooooowly – but surely been refurbishing our 2 antique chairs down to hopefully something I will want to live with for the rest of my life.  Here’s an “action” shot.


Those tiny hands are being put to good use on this intricate piece.  Her “What I Did This Summer” essay will win her absolutely nothing I’m sure.

We I actually mourned the passing away of Big Wicked aka “Bee Dubs”.  Yep he bit the dust finally.  And all through sheer accident actually.  After introducing him to you back in May and after weeks of playing hide and seek every time I had to do my laundry one day my child must have went in to get something from the dryer and came upon B.W. (we pieced this theory all together after the fact) and in a frightened state must have thrown one of my head scarves onto the beast and ran off.  The next day I go in to put a load in the washer and as I walk in out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of my beautiful scarf on the floor tucked behind our massive 1982 water heater.  Now…I am at times known to be scared of my own shadow so something like this was definitely not something for my faint heart to tackle.  

MIIIIIICHAAAAEL!!!! (that’s Michael my husband in case you can’t decipher my yell spell)

I got him in the laundry room and just pointed to it and it was covered in a massive spiderweb which I thought must have happened when my son threw it back into the corner of B.W.s house.  So my husband picks it up and whoa and behold I hear a quick “Aaaahhh!!” aaaand STOMP! That was all she wrote.  Big Wicked died because he naively thought he was movin’ on up to that deluxe head scarf in the sky and in one night he set up shop in my scarf and when Michael moved it he freaked and ran which made my man drop the scarf and subsequently stomp him out.  I was sad for about 2 days because then I freaked out about who will kill all the bugs that meander into our house at 1:38 am with no invite now?  But then I remember the 5 other B.W. cousins that still live in that room and the mourning period ended.  

For the faint of heart like myself, I will spare you the death pic…just know he left quite an impression…

Now what else, what else is new……….


We finally heard back from the insurance company and they ended up cutting us a measly little check for $200 to cover the roof leaks.  200 bucks.  When we got that in the mail I said “Ummm lets just go out for a fancy shmancy dinner because this won’t cover anything roofwise.”  But we didn’t.  We are trying to be all adult like and responsible.  So instead it now sits in our roof fund as our beginning amount.  I can’t complain cause it’s definitely more than 2 pennies.  Which is what I thought they would send us in the mail.  Attached to an index card with scotch tape. And a note scribbled onto it saying “Good try suckers!  And that’s our 2 cents on the matter!”

I should never get a job for an insurance company.  I can see all the lawsuits now…

Oh and this came in the mail today… 

Suddenly tonights school shopping extravaganza doesn’t seem so daunting.  I love shopping but not waiting in the waiting rooms for my kids to come out.  Now the Hubs and I will bring our 3rd friend along and browse the pages for inspiration.
So that’s what’s new with us…what’s new with yous guys?  Eh?  How is your summer going?  Anyone else in love with the back to school season?  I get so optimistic about life.  Maybe because I was the class of 2000.  Boy did they sell us a dream or what?  Where is my flying jetpack and personal robot?

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