This Is My Brain…

This is my brain on coffee…

In these past two days I have accomplished many great things.  And all thanks to the mighty powers of Java the Cup.  I tackled one major project on my “Get-it-Together-Before-School-Starts-and-you-Have-a-whole-new-slew-of-Projects-to-Tackle” list.

#1!  Get all of our Little Beanettes hair clips in order in one central area so our morning routine seems more like a graceful ballet rather than some herky jerky rave concert from the 90’s.  (Do people even do those things anymore?  No.  Seriously I wanna know…)

#2!  Get the lounging chairs sanded completely and prepped for their new stain.

Now out of these 2 projects I actually was able to completely tackle the 1st one of organizing my daughters hair clips and barrettes into something I can easily maneuver every morning before school like a boss.  So how do you go from this…


To this…?


Read on and I will let you in on my madness turned genius.

First, I went to Pinterest to find some inspiration and I stumbled upon this beauty of a thing –


So with this in my head I set off on my own variation of the same thing.  Here’s the materials list:

  • Scissors
  • Poster board in any color that tickles your fancy
  • Ribbon or material cut into strips
  • Glue gun with glue sticks at the ready
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil (I know you know, but you never know who doesn’t know!)
  • Paint or markers or crayons
  • All of your hair accessories

To start I measured my door space to see where I wanted my name board to call home.  It was pretty easy to settle on a space because earlier in the week Michael took down Little Beans towel bar off her door.  It was completely not functional because she is only 3 feet tall and the bar was installed about 7 feet above the ground and that spelled trouble for her towels drying ways.  Down it came and left this to remember it by:


I measured from about the middle of the top row of boxes to the top of the 2nd row of boxes for the name plate to rest. It came out to 24″x8″.  I cut out my first piece of poster board to the exact measurement and then made a second piece of fluorescent pink poster board to lay under it and measured it just a smidge larger to create a small border around the white piece.  Like so…


And then I just let my imagination run wild.  I hand drew about 9 different name options from cursive to block print to robot letters to lips for her i in her name on pieces of scrap paper and she finally settled on what I affectionately call “The Greek” font version of her name.  I painted in butterflies after Michael wrote a few sample ones for me.  I hot glued the 4 corners of each board together and they dried really quickly. Now since I didn’t glob the paint onto the board either that dried rather quickly as well and I was able to just keep moving onto the next step.  Which was finding the right ribbons.  So into my bags o’ fabrics I dove…or we dove because the kids helped too.  Along with playing some midday dressup!


And this is why I keep random pieces of fabric in bags in the corner of our room Michael.

I picked out 7 pieces of fabric and just cut them down to size and hot glued them to the back of the board.  She picked a few, I picked a few, and now looking back at it I think it would be fun to switch out a few of the colors one day.  Keep it fresh right?Image

Next attach the MacGyver of all tapes – Duct Tape – to the back of the board so you can stick it onto the door. I simply rolled it up into an oval like this and used about 5 of them across…


I pressed it against the door and then attached all the barrettes I could match and not match up onto the ribbons.  This is where you get to be all crazy creative and put them wherever you’d like.  In the end you will end up with something like this.


Now if only I can figure out what to do with all the rest of these headbands and other accessories…


Just kidding.  I’ve already got something brewing up there already.  I’ll let you know when that gets off the ground.

Anyone else working on something crafty in the kitchen?  Share and share alike y’all!

Pinterest photo from


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