My FL State Real Estate Exam actually said that.

No lie.  FAIL.


Yes that is the current torn floral wallpaper in the kitchen right now.  This thumbs down can be for that too! Haha!

I’m going to allow myself 24 hours to mourn that test and then I am back on that test horse for the weekend and hopefully I can take it again as soon as possible.  The lady from the test company said I can take it as soon as they have their next available space and I’m comfortable taking it again.  What? Did someone say Tuesday of next week?  That’s my plan y’alls.  I’m determined to get the mastery over this thing.

BONUS MATERIAL: Phone call with Michael after I got out of the test…

*ring. ring. ring.*

Me: Hey….

Him: Heeeeey baaaaabe…..

Me: You got my message huh? (The 1st call went to voicemail so I left him a message.)

Him: Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhh……don’t worry, you’ll pass it next time.  Everyone fails tests sometimes.

Me: Not you.  I bet you never failed a test in your entire life!

Him: Ummm….I’m sure I have.  Maybe once.  But I can’t remember it right now….I mean……….nevermind.  Yay you’ll pass next time!

Me: —_—……thanks babe.  Hanging up now.

Is anyone else out there a two time test taker now that they are getting up in years? (I turned 30 this summer so I’m going to try and get away with blaming that for as long as I can get away with it.)


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