So We Got A Dog

And here he is…names Diesel…because of his black spots.  The previous owner named him.  He was a good dog…until he ran away….

One day later at 3am!

We are currently on the hunt for him to see if we can bring him home.  Looking all over town was the special of the morning.  He is an Australian Shepherd.  This picture does him no justice because was handsome as all get out.

One of our friends said that their dog found it’s way back to it’s old home just by smelling the air and it’s good sense of direction and it wasn’t even an Aussie whose breed is known to be really smart.

I hope craigslist comes through for us on this one.  The kids are pretty sad.  Us parents are pretty sad.  Right now all the memories we have was one glorious dog filled day with him and that’s it.



Diesel where are ya man?

UPDATE: We found him!!!! That afternoon the previous owner whom I had called up and told her the predicament drove down to our place and drove her truck up and down our streets, then she went home and came back with a bowl of his food to jangle out the window so he would hear it and cone.  Before she got to the end of our street, coming from the woods out trots Diesel panting like an elephant (they pant, right?) and then just hops up right into the truck and she brought him right back.  Since then he has run away 2 more times so we have renamed him Deen – as in James Dean, cause he’s a rebel.  And as in Hou-dini, because I have no idea how he could wriggle out of two choker chains to escape the way he did.  Thanks for everyones help on Facebook and craigslist and all your kind, kind words. 


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