Bathroom 3.0

This is what we are going to be working on for the next few days.  1 to 2 days to be hopeful.  A girl can dream can’t she?


Yes that’s a toilet in front of a toilet…it’s new vs. old right now.

This is the 3rd bathroom in the house and it’s going to be our guest bathroom because right outside and around the corner is a guest bedroom that we will have open for all the weary travelers that need a place to rest their heads whenever they visit.

We haven’t touched this bathroom since we moved in almost 9 months ago.  Yowza!!!!  I can’t believe we have been here that long and there are still virtually unearthed and untouched terrain behind a few mystery doors.  I guess it keeps things interesting though.  I like waking up and thinking “What do we tackle today or this week?”  It’s like a reality show in my mind.  It has Gordon Elliott narrating in case you’re wondering.

You see all those bags on the counter?  There IS a sink under there believe it or not!


Those bags in there are covering our Flinstones green sink.  Those bags do contain some goodies too though and I can’t wait to show them to you when they are all put together.  It’s a burlap material shower curtain and our peel and stick tile we will be adding to warm up the place and make it feel like home.

SIDE NOTE: Even though we don’t have our camera, I have finally been given a tutorial by Michael on how to lift the pictures off of our cell phone so now I am back in business!  Granted, they won’t be the best quality but will it make my mother love me less?  Naaah…

Right now we have about 2 pressing matters we need to address in here:

  • Switch out the gross rusted out green toilet for a nice off white modern bowl.
  • Rip up the vinyl yellow-stained floral flooring that is ripped and replace it with a nice dark chocolate marble based peel and stick floor.

The things that we want to accomplish to get the bathroom completely up to our liking are as follows…

  • Switch out toilet.
  • Paint bathtub white.
  • Hang shower curtain.
  • Paint the whole room.
  • Remove soffit above bathtub to heighten the room even more.
  • Redo flooring.
  • Replace towel holder?
  • Frame out mirror.
  • Change counter.

Tomorrow I will show you what the materials we have so far look like – the curtain and the flooring – but for now this is all we have to share, some “Pin”spiration photos….


Dare we add a gradient Ombre Wall?  Hmm…
above photo courtesy psimadethis


What we are really trying to accomplish is dark floors with an airy top feeling.  This bathroom nails it.
above photo courtesy The Marion House Book148126275214140678_y1fdLUco_c

And this one…
photo courtesy Sweetopia

Aaaand one last one…11610911508805024_nrF58Vhf_c
above photo courtesy Better After

So now you see what we are going for, and now you realize and we have made this realization a long while ago – that we have a looooo-ooooong way to go.  Is anyone else sweating already or is that just us?

What new things have you been working on?  Is anyone else working on their thrones lately?  Tonight is date night and I just know we will end up at “Big Orange” at some point.  What can we say?  There is nothing more romantic to us these days than strolling the aisles of Home Depot hand in hand with a notepad full of dreams…