Have You Ever…

…painted a room while the weather was not so nice outside?  Hmmm??? Everything I have read about painting gives advice NOT to do that, but I’m itching to paint, so I think I’m gonna…

It’s just touchups though, over already painted surface.  That should be fine right?  Can’t I paint my walls even though it’s damp out?  (Fingers in ears while singing loudly “La La La La La Laaaaa……”) I’m going with the yes I hear in my head!  Haha!

And this is why….


Does anyone recognize that Sesame Street diddy for the number 15? No? This is such a childs crash pad…


Do you see it?  Yep.  We bought the right color but the wrong finish.  Enter that sad womp womp woooooomp tune right here.  So when we thought the painting was over and done with we stood back and I noticed something was a bit off.  It was dark by then and Michael couldn’t see it, but by the next morning I heard him say in the living room “Uh-oh.  You’re right. How did we not see it?”

Back to the drawing painting board we go and hopefully we can knock this out of the park today.  I say we but really this touchup quickie project will be all me because the house is running at 50% in the sick bay.  There is some wicked stuff in the air these days lately.

Vitamin C tablets anyone?  Oh and has anyone tried Emergen-C?  Is it good for colds at all?  Let me know.