Is This Our First Rodeo?

We are so disappointed in ourselves.


We got the wrong finish….AGAIN!!!!!!

This weekend our little girl was sick and so was Michael so we were running a sick bay pretty much all day everyday since Thursday.  Finally I was like “somethings gotta give” and I busted out the paint and started rolling (you guys remember that right?) 

After I rolled over everything with the roller while having the utmost confidence that everything was right with the world I realized after sitting down and starting to watch a show that the wall was looking kinda funny.  


I’m annoyed but hopefully the FOURTH time is going to be the last time we paint these walls. 

The finish was originally Satin and I have no idea why we didn’t seem to nail that down from the beginning.  We like a Satin paint finish because it almost looks like velvet on our walls.  And it’s not completely matte but has a slight hint of texture to it.  Off to the store I go today to see if anything is returnable at all.  Probably not but a girls gotta try right?

Do you guys like painting?  I find it to be nice wall therapy.  Give me an iTunes playlist and a brush any day!