Where We Been?

Well…we have had alot of activity here since our last update so here is the newest and latest that is going on in the house. 

* We had a housewarming party for our pad finally back on the 1st weekend of October.  It was tons of fun and we had a nice showing of friends and family.  Michael and I pulled triple duty with serving food, hosting tours, and entertaining guests.  We got a few gifts that were sweet and practical (hello new drill bit and drill set!) and just had an overall great time.  

* We painted the guest room/office – but if I’m completely honest with myself and you guys, I don’t love the color we ended up with.  The swatch was lighter than the actual paint came out to be.  We were going for a khaki light coffee brown and instead it came out like a light green blue.  Go figure!  So instead of adding a light and airy feeling to that room because it has no windows, just a glass slider door, I feel like the color sucked the life out of the room.  My next mission?  Try and convince Michael to change the color again.  Ha!

* Added a chalkboard wall to the side of the kitchen pantry.  Still have to frame it out but it’s coming along like a boss.

Now I know you are thinking where are the pictures lady?!? And you are right.  The problem is that we can’t seem to find our camera.  I have searched hi and lo and can’t find it anywhere.  And it has tons of pictures on it still and I’m saaaaad because I want to show you all the stuff we shot over the last couple of weeks.  

So boo….

But at least you got some word updates right?  That’s a reason to smile ey?  Okay if not and you and I get desperate enough then I will go around and take pics with my laptop camera and see if that will do.  Deal?  Deal.

How have y’all been?  Anyone working on anything new?  Ever lose your camera for an extended period of time?