Tedious. So guess what I’m talking about? Not watching paint dry, although I hope to be at that step by sometime in early April. I’m talking about removing the old wallpaper from the kitchen. Old 1980’s maroon floral pattern to be exact. And it’s a liberating and excruciating experience all at the same time.

Have you ever pulled down wallpaper? If yes, then you agree with the title of this post. It’s sooooooo tedious. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m getting in an arm workout at least while I do it – you know, to make it all seem worth it.

Here’s a before shot. (Oh did I tell you that we lost our camera and are now reduced to taking them on our sad little cell phone? Hey we suffer, you suffer. Haha!)

You see why this had to come down right?
You see why this had to come down right?

Now we are currently at the stage of we picked out colors that we feel would go well with the living room because when you walk into the house the first two things you see are the living room and 2 walls of the kitchen. Everything has to meld in a super creamy easy way so as to not be jarring on the eyes and want you to turn and run from the house screaming while having a seizure.

Today I am on mycolortopia.com (awesome user-friendly website if you are trying to figure out what colors to use in your house.) trying to figure out what would look best.

Has anyone else worked on pulling wallpaper to the point that your fingers get wrinkly like a pitted prune? Tell me about it? And what is your go to method for getting the stuff down? I have gotten into my own rhythm with my hot water method, but do tell me what you have found successful. We’re always up for suggestions!

Next post will hopefully be about us picking our colors and a more in-depth show of how we are taking down the “Flower Power” leftover from the 80’s.


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